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Lyric Style: Inspiration, Realization, Anti-Government , Anti Organized Religion


Do you want freedom? What have you done? What will remain after you're gone? Everything you own, is that what you'll take? There's only so much you can fit in a grave. Open your mind, the eye above kept you all in line, and all in time you'll see their faces as the truth unwinds. Don't give in to instant salvation find something thats genuine. Fals idols are clouding your vision. Religion shoved down your neck. Re-read those books that will get you to heaven, tell me what we're fighting for. Do you want freedom? What have you done? What will remain after you're gone? Everthing you've worked for one day will fade. Everyone you know will one day pass away. Now, reach into yourself and grab every fucking moment, everytime you've ever cried and every time that you've felt alon. I know that you've been hurt and know that I have felt the same. Reach deep into your heart for every ache and every pain. Mistakes that I have made that I wish I could take away, there are things that I have said that no one should ever say. I know what it's like to want everything to fade. Now, take all these problems and thrown them away


from Scared of the Dark- 'Til Then, We're Launchin' Dogs: The Law of Groovity, released December 21, 2012
Written and Produced by: Jake Roberson
Vocals Recorded by: Cameron Plumley
Lyrics by: Scared of the Dark



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