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Lyric Style: Anti Government, Sci-Fi


Sound off the HAARP now! Lower the populace, take back what is ours! Decimation is iminate, there is no where that you can hide. I AM THE WATCHER. I've infiltrated your corrupt systems, and through your actions you can watch it burn. Silence will fall upon us all, we are the harbingers of death. We walk beside you in the shadows, and you have never even known. Now, you'll watch as the world that you've claimed is overtaken. Bow to the ones that fell from grace. I AM! The Nephilim are among you, we are the men of renound. Try and cry to your maker. No one will hear a sound. Fear in their eyes as our lights fill the sky. War is coming! As we arrive like a theif in the night. War is coming! WAR! We will never faulter, WE CAN NEVER DIE


from Scared of the Dark- 'Til Then, We're Launchin' Dogs: The Law of Groovity, released December 21, 2012
Written and Produced by: Jake Roberson
Vocals Recorded by: Cameron Plumley
Lyrics by: Scared of the Dark
Guest Vocals by Cameron Plumley



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