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Lyric Style: Sci-Fi


Now, go tell all your friends lets make a body count, with your prison you think you control me. I'll tear through my enimies, not a cage in your world can hold me! I am not held captive, it's up to you to decide or I'll take this place down with me... watch your world burn! More will come fro the revenge of the fallen. I tried to warn you but you had your agenda. your war driven leaders lead close the gates to redemption, only you can see through to salvation. Change the world, Change your ways. I have helped you out, with every ounce of me. you took it all while IO asked for nothing. I feel no pity for you! Ignorance will be your downfall, waste away your years. Your ways will not consume me I will make my message clear. "BEWARE THE BEARERS OF FALS GIFTS AND BROKEN PROMISES. MUCH PAIN. STILL TIME. THERE IS STILL GOOD IN THIS WORLD. WE AOPPOSE DECEPTION!"V


from Scared of the Dark- 'Til Then, We're Launchin' Dogs: The Law of Groovity, released December 21, 2012
Written and Produced by: Jake Roberson
Vocals Recorded by: Cameron Plumley
Lyrics by: Scared of the Dark



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