Scared of the Dark- 'Til Then, We're Launchin' Dogs: The Law of Groovity

by Th Fight

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released December 21, 2012

All music written and Recorded by Scared of the Dark.
Vocal Recordings by Cameron Plumley at TurkeyFish Studios
Piano in "Meanwhile, At the Legion of Doom" written and recorded by Michael Obed
Guest Vocals in "Scales are for Dragons" preformed by Cameron Plumley



all rights reserved
Track Name: Intro
The World is at war
Track Name: Scales are for Dragons
Sound off the HAARP now! Lower the populace, take back what is ours! Decimation is iminate, there is no where that you can hide. I AM THE WATCHER. I've infiltrated your corrupt systems, and through your actions you can watch it burn. Silence will fall upon us all, we are the harbingers of death. We walk beside you in the shadows, and you have never even known. Now, you'll watch as the world that you've claimed is overtaken. Bow to the ones that fell from grace. I AM! The Nephilim are among you, we are the men of renound. Try and cry to your maker. No one will hear a sound. Fear in their eyes as our lights fill the sky. War is coming! As we arrive like a theif in the night. War is coming! WAR! We will never faulter, WE CAN NEVER DIE
Track Name: The City of Townsville
Now, go tell all your friends lets make a body count, with your prison you think you control me. I'll tear through my enimies, not a cage in your world can hold me! I am not held captive, it's up to you to decide or I'll take this place down with me... watch your world burn! More will come fro the revenge of the fallen. I tried to warn you but you had your agenda. your war driven leaders lead close the gates to redemption, only you can see through to salvation. Change the world, Change your ways. I have helped you out, with every ounce of me. you took it all while IO asked for nothing. I feel no pity for you! Ignorance will be your downfall, waste away your years. Your ways will not consume me I will make my message clear. "BEWARE THE BEARERS OF FALS GIFTS AND BROKEN PROMISES. MUCH PAIN. STILL TIME. THERE IS STILL GOOD IN THIS WORLD. WE AOPPOSE DECEPTION!"V
Track Name: Biscuits and Groovy
Put your hands up in the air, welcome in this new age, break the Earth's embrace, Give back to time and space, we will all be one. This world is condemned by nature so let it rain down and drown the invaders. Erased from time, have we lost our minds? We stole the air from the ground up! We've taken life and burned it around us. This is the sign, it's the end of times. Why does the Earth tremble beneath us? Is it to late to change our ways? The Cycle ends tonight this race has wasted all our years. Instead of looking for answers... And I don't want the world to end, and I don't want to face the night. Ceasing to spin. And only now I can barely breathe, while I'm holding on to this fleeting gravity. Now I'm on my own.
Track Name: Meanwhile, At the Legion of Doom
We are beyond lost, we need a guiding hand to help us. Break down, these stones that we have carried. Cast off, these chains that we are wearing. Restore, this hope that has been buried. Join me, their throne we will be tearing down. Scream out no! We will Not take this anymore ! No more! Get up and stand for something! As we gather up our arms, only seconds left to fight, the sky comes down! As we make our presence known, with our arrows aiming high, they shake the ground! Here they come! Fire raining from the sky, we draw our swords. Heaven sent this genocide from distant shores. Broken bones and blackened eyes, we send the poor, only those that truly die have seen the end of war. These are not just gods, we have nothing to show for our lives that they spend but, freedom is coming for those who will fight for it. Let my people go!
Track Name: Platypodeez
Can you bleed? Bury your soul in this creation, forced evolution as a weapon. Making two as one! Can you see it? You're building your demise. Light flashes in the distance the storm comes your way. Burning rain sets the ground ablaze to stop[ what you create. Youve changed your fate. Re-wrote your world now its to late. We will come to try to erase the being you made, with out peace. I am alive. I am the creation, yet superior. You are trapped in your dimensions, how could you bring me here yet not control me? Your borrowed power exceeds your knowledge. Oh, what to do with this life I've been given? To recall every instance in my mind, I can see every mistake you will make until the end of time. Can't you see you will not out match me! you tell your lies, and you dare attack me? Are you a god? Let me see if you can bleed!
Can you bleed?
Track Name: Cradle to the Groove
Why? Why do you force this fight? It's tearing this world apart. There's so many other stars. We will defend this place, come try to take it! Crash like the fallen angels before you. This is our home now. Ships falling down to the trumpet sounding, we will prevail. Why are you waging war? These beings can't defend. What have you done this fore? Where is your intelligence? Let this world go! No longer will they be nothing. Your tearany is through, they shape what they are becoming. Nothing like you! The fallen races you've wasted all ends now. No more lives will be taken. Witness, we watched you rise now crumble down and take freedom from your policed state of mind. We built you up so that you may proceed. you've changed your ways to suit your own needs. Scattered and fading, your hope is fleeting fast. Remember this moment, it will be your very last.
Track Name: Law of Groovity
The ground bares a message, breathing fast as the thoughts consume my mind. Riddled in question "What co-exists in this space and time?" I've never seen them so bright, on a night like this, don't close your eyes, don't blink or you'll miss it. Look to the circles in the sky!Questioning my existence, how could this be of my creator? Will they have the answers? They're coming closer! Should we wait and see... will our worst fears become established, or is hope sustained? Cold sweat, running down my neck, as the conduit opens and they fall like rain. As my eyes dilate and my ears begin to ring, some will rush to meet them and pay glory to their king of kings.
Track Name: Mitch Conner
Do you want freedom? What have you done? What will remain after you're gone? Everything you own, is that what you'll take? There's only so much you can fit in a grave. Open your mind, the eye above kept you all in line, and all in time you'll see their faces as the truth unwinds. Don't give in to instant salvation find something thats genuine. Fals idols are clouding your vision. Religion shoved down your neck. Re-read those books that will get you to heaven, tell me what we're fighting for. Do you want freedom? What have you done? What will remain after you're gone? Everthing you've worked for one day will fade. Everyone you know will one day pass away. Now, reach into yourself and grab every fucking moment, everytime you've ever cried and every time that you've felt alon. I know that you've been hurt and know that I have felt the same. Reach deep into your heart for every ache and every pain. Mistakes that I have made that I wish I could take away, there are things that I have said that no one should ever say. I know what it's like to want everything to fade. Now, take all these problems and thrown them away